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Value For Money

Can save more irrespective of your plumbing needs

Assured Satisfaction

Plumbing amenities are in tip top shape and working efficiently

One Year Warranty

With Oshawa plumbing, you are truly covered.

Why Choose Oshawa Plumbing?

Value For Money: have good deals and can save more irrespective of your plumbing needs. Installation of a new system or simple routine maintenance will not set you back financially and you get the best possible services.

Assured Satisfaction: We ensure that all your plumbing amenities are in tip top shape and working efficiently. You are dependent on the efficient working of all plumbing amenities. Our team of trusted plumbers will always deliver high quality work.

One Year Warranty: You covered on all plumbing works that we carry out. All work carries a 1-year warranty which means we come in if anything goes wrong during this period. With Oshawa plumbing, you are truly covered.

High Quality, Friendly and Professional Plumbing Services:

No more waiting for an entire day for a plumber to show up to fix your problems. Our team of plumbers will always an exact duration of when to expect us and even give a 20 to 40 minute heads-up as soon as they are on their way.

Always expect professionalism and high quality workmanship.

  • Our plumbers use the latest technologies
  • We carefully listen and answer to all questions
  • We always leave the work area as we found it
  • Up-front pricing, Flat rate
  • Use of booties and rugs to protect the home

Each plumber in the team is hand-picked for their expertise and experience implying that they can comfortably handle all manner of plumbing services and even service old heating systems or ultra-modern boilers. Our team has dealt will all manner of plumbing services repeatedly and know how to immediately handle all customer needs.

Other notable benefits of working with Oshawa Plumbing are:

  • Reliability, professionalism, highly trained and qualified plumbers.
  • Extensive experience ensures you have peace of mind.
  • Great qualifications and expertise ensure the job is done right at the first time.

We offer a wide range of home refurbishment and emergency services which imply you will only call a single number to gain access to a team of specialists. You save time by not having to source different suppliers/contractors for your plumbing projects or problems. You can rely on Oshawa Plumbing for high quality services for all installations and repairs of heating systems, storage tanks, and boilers.

We are always at your service – choose Oshawa Plumbing!

For emergency services, contact us free of charge on (289) 481-1464 irrespective of time of day.

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