Toilet Repairs

If the toilet fails to flush properly, give us a call. We are able to repair all brands and models of toilets.

Toilet Repairs in Oshawa

Problems with your toilet are not only an inconvenience but can cause serious damage to the property. Leakages can cause damage to the floor and damp walls which can lead to significant problems with the structural integrity of the property.

Oshawa Plumbing carries out reliable toilet repairs as well as repair works for other fixtures such as sinks, washbasins and taps. Installation and repair of faucets can seem to be simple but are complex procedures. Faucets have several parts that include valves, fitting nuts and handle which must work in harmony. If a single component malfunctions, there will be a leak. Problems linked to bathroom equipment may lead to huge sums of money being spent on repairs. Leaks and inefficient system will lead to higher water bills.

If the toilet fails to flush properly, give us a call. We are able to repair all brands and models of toilets irrespective of whether the issue is due to a malfunction, a leak or flange problems. Our plumbing works come with a one year warranty so that our customers can be sure that their problems will not recur.

Client Reviews

They have been very much helpful most recently. My kitchen sink was leaked. So, I was in need of an emergency fix. & they provide the best service ever. I was very much satisfied.

Shane Harison August 7, 2019

We are happy to serve your needs dealing with Toilet Repair:

In most instances, repair of toilets is quick. The toilet may require a new valve that prevents water in the tank from running into the bowl. Other repair work will be carried out by our technicians without the need to change any part of the toilet. Repair of the toilet flange is a completely technical challenge. The toilet flange is most often irreparable and calls for new parts. The flange is the part that connects to the drainpipe on the floor. Immediately contact Oshawa Plumbing if you notice leakage from the base of the toilet so that we can replace the flange.

Choose Oshawa Plumbing for toilet repair services. Our competent and friendly plumbers will handle all manner of plumbing work. Give us a call on (289) 481-1464 or drop us an email.

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Choosing Oshawa Plumbing means you are choosing the best available craftsmanship available in the area.  We are able to address simple drips as well as the most severe drainage or pipework problems.

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