Sewer Lines

Oshawa Plumbing has the expertise and the latest equipment to resolve sewer line problems.

Sewer Lines Installation and Repair in Oshawa

You are responsible for a city sewer line that goes through your property. Sewage water will find its way back up into pipes in the home if the main sewer line is blocked.

The installation of a non-return valve will prevent floods caused by sewage backup. Oshawa Plumbing can install the non-return valve in your home. Older homes and the location of the home are some factors that will determine if you already have a non-return valve.

If a plug occurs in the sewer main pipeline, you will require the services of qualified plumbing technicians to solve the problem. Oshawa Plumbing has the expertise and the latest equipment to resolve these kind of problems.

A two step approach is used to unblock the main pipeline. The first step entails insertion of corrugated and motorized cables into the pipes to break down the blockage. The second step makes use of a long hose that is connected to a high pressure device and inserted into the pipeline to wash out any debris on the inside of the pipeline. The cable in the first step is used to re-establish base flow and the high pressure device used to get rid of anything that is not removed by the cable.

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They have been very much helpful most recently. My kitchen sink was leaked. So, I was in need of an emergency fix. & they provide the best service ever. I was very much satisfied.

Shane Harison August 7, 2019

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