Floor Drain Repairs

Oshawa Plumbing has are the required materials to remove even the most stubborn obstructions.

Floor Drain Repairs in Oshawa

Problems with the floor drain such as blockages due to hair, grass or grease can lead to catastrophic consequences. Blockages in the floor drain are often associated with lack of metal grates and can cause flooding.

Oshawa Plumbing has are the required materials to remove even the most stubborn obstructions. Our team makes use of a high pressure drain cleaners to pump high pressure water through the drain and flush out anything causing obstruction of the drain.

Sewer snakes can be used to pierce and tear down the obstruction. The sewer snakes are metallic spiral cables that are run through the drain to reach the obstruction. Once the drain has been cleared, a protective drain grate is fixed to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Replacement of the floor drain is necessary if it becomes cracked or rusted. Ur team of plumbers will assess and explain the procedure and thereafter provide a price quote before any work commences. Our customers are assured that the quoted price doesn’t change at all.

Client Reviews

Hired them last week. The company was very much professional. Smith was very knowledgeable and friendly. They did a investigation, and gave me multiple options and cost estimation. Finally, they did a perfect job. I will continue to using them for all plumbing needs.

Albert Brooks August 7, 2019

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