Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Services

Are you experiencing humid, wet, leaking and sewage smelling basements? Oshawa Plumbing will handle all these problems.

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Services in Oshawa

Are you experiencing humid, wet, leaking and sewage smelling basements? Our team of plumbers will handle all these problems through permanent basement sealing services that guarantee you get a watertight and stench free basement.

Interior and exterior waterproofing is achieved through the use of the latest technologies and procedures. State of the art technologies ensure that cracks in the foundation or basement are repaired without interfering with the structural integrity of the home.

Oshawa Plumbing offers both interior and exterior waterproofing services. 

Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing the basement ensure that the home is free from mold, mildew water damage and foundation issues. Water seeping into the basement may lead to major integrity issues in the home which may be very expensive to fix. Contact us for a free assessment of the foundation of your home and help stop problems from deteriorating.

Exterior waterproofing will stop any problems that may be caused by seeping water. The basement will remain dry and free from mold. We enlist the services of trusted organizations to help identify the exact location of underground gas lines and other utilities.

Waterproofing of the basement is carried out through these 10 steps:

  • Excavation of the perimeter of the exterior basement wall down into the foundation until the footing is exposed. The two feet trench allows access to the wall and the removed soil is placed in tarps to avoid damage to the lawn and making a total mess in the property.
  • Cleaning of the exterior of the basement walls will help in inspecting and identifying cracks, holes, and voids that allow water seepage.
  • The identified defects in the basement wall and foundation are filled with hydraulic cement. Hydraulic cement is the best choice since it expands to seal any cracks.
  • If required, cement parging is applied to the basement wall to provide strength and base for the waterproofing layers.
  • A Blueskin membrane is added to the concrete foundation to keep the basement dry.
  • The first line of proofing is the dimpled waterproof membrane is attached to the basement. The dimples are air spaces that help to drain water to the weeping tiles.
  • Installation of weeping tiles alongside filter cloth to the footings and these are connected directly to the foundation drain system. Clean course gravel is used to cover the weeping tiles to allow drainage into the foundation drain.
  • A water test is performed to check if the system is draining well and will be followed by backfilling.
  • Backfilling is carried out with a tamping device to prevent settling of soil.
  • Thorough cleanup is carried out to return the property to its original state.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is preferred since it provides better guarantee that the basement will remain watertight. Where space is limited and access to the exterior is not possible, interior waterproofing becomes the only way to keep the basement dry.

Interior waterproofing is most cost effective if the living areas are unfinished. It will solve problem of hydrostatic pressure where there is an underground creek under the home that makes water seep through the concrete slab or junctions between the floor and wall.

Step by step procedure:

  • A channel, one foot wide, is cut into the concrete floor on the interior perimeter of the basement wall until the footing is exposed.
  • Weeping tiles are installed and connected to the floor drain or sump pump.
  • Fixing of a dimpled membrane to the entire wall from ceiling to the bottom of the channel is done.
  • Clean course gravel is used to cover the weeping tiles.
  • The channel is filled with concrete and is finished off to original state.

In some instances, drainage is added to the interior of the home and routed to a discharge point to intercept water from under the footings and seepage through the walls.

The Sump Pump

Any waterproofing system must have a point of discharge. The sump pump is used where drainage is blocked or where there are no additional drainage options.

A pit is dug and lined with high quality plastic liner at the lowest point of the basement waterproofing system. Water is drained into the pit through gravity and pumped out using the sump pump.

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